June 05, 2010


It's so warm again, I hope it stays like this all summer long :)
Bought a new skull ring today, it's very pirate-esque, i love it
Not quite the VW but I'll keep saving for that!
Also got a t-shirt dress from H&M, grey with a peace symbol on it
Tattoo ideas are developing and I've seen a lovely new digital camera
Should hopefully have some photos up soon
Instead of irrelevant images of snails :)

Still waiting for some shoes that my boyfriend promised me!! ;)
I love him really, he just shouldn't plant such ideas in my head
They are pretty pricey for a spur of the moment gift I guess
Suppose I'll have to buy them myself!
He did treat me to a lovely bottle of amaretto recently
Which is sweet when he has so little money :)

Lip or nose piercing first, that is the question!!