May 19, 2010


7 Reasons I started this blog:

1)Several friends are now on blogspot and I feel it's more acceptable to follow if I have my own.
2)It's a new way to waste time instead of revising for my A-Levels.
3)I need somewhere to channel my inspiration at times.
4)I'd like to see what all the blog fuss is about.
5)Big changes are to come in September!
6)People like to read blogs, why not add another?
7)I have nothing better to do.

Dakota Fanning in Italian Vogue. Hello sexy jailbate!

Exams have started but revision hasn't, uh oh.
I'll start tomorrow... maybe.

I've told myself that the money I earnt at work today is going on a tattoo, therefore if all goes to plan I should be inked in 2 weeks. And ginger soon (briefly). Gah, I wish I had some dolla.

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