May 23, 2010

This, this could be the summer when I grow up


It should be illegal to work on days like these.

Most stressful week of my life so far starts tomorrow, awesome.
& it's my little brother's sweet sixteen.

Shitting it about August already (results for those who may not know) and I haven't taken the damn exams. The worst part is I'll have nobody to blame but myself. A friend from work told me today that she is a big believer in fate and that if I don't get into Leicester, or even Sheffield, it wasn't meant to be. Makes me feel a little bit calmer. But for now I shall go back to revision and such. One week to go 'till I can wave bye bye to structured education at Bilborough College for good. Literally couldn't be happier.

1 comment:

  1. Think positive! I'm sure you'll be fine.
    Plus. I love that photo.