May 31, 2010

It's been a busy week.
I need to catch up on my zzzs

College is over & I desperately need cash for some big spends; most importantly my ink and a Vivienne Westwood ring. My favourite is the black crystal skull - standard, it's the most expensive. Been working some extra shifts to hopefully help out and I'll be getting in touch with my potential bar job once my exams are over. Hitting the beaches of Turkey with the fam at the end of July so I'm going to be needing some summer clothes too; money is vital. Still, I'm looking forward to some days off for relaxation, I haven't had a day without college or work in weeks. Hopefully getting my hair appointment booked tomorrow too so that is another problem checked off the list. And as for the healthy eating to slim down for the holiday, that'll have to start tomorrow ;) Pizza was too tempting after a stressful day at work. I balme Britain's Got Talent and those stupid dominoes adverts, enough to drive anybody to unhealthy food.

I haven't had a night out in ages either, I feel the need to party.